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Not that The Mandalorian doesn’t already tote a strong Western vibe, but with these t-shirts from Heroes and Villains you can practically kick the spitoon. Check out these must-have shirts, featuring the titular character from the smash hit Disney Plus TV series which comes to UK and European screen on 24th March when Disney Plus launches.

The new designs make Johnson’s dream something of a reality, creating faux poster art for the Disney+ series in the style of its Western forebears. “One of my favorite aspects of those classic Western films is the poster art,” he says. “The rough, high contrast, and gritty feel of the Spaghetti Western-style posters is one of my favorite graphic styles,” adding, “Each tee is inspired by a classic Western poster.”

Ahead of the collection’s drop this Wednesday on the official Heroes & Villains page, we asked Johnson to take us back to the drawing board as he designed each of the four new styles.

The collection is available from today over at Heroes and Villains.