Writer Kevin Beentjes is well known for deep-diving into the background aliens of the saga, giving names and details to these fascinating characters. Working tirelessly since the mid 90’s, Kevin has written for the Star Wars Insider, StarWars.com, Yodapedia and Teekay-421 while developing the menagerie and characters of Star Wars, and since last year has been building Alien Anthology.

With The Last Jedi offering dozens of new aliens and races, Beentjes has dived in and begun the archaeology of identifying these races and characters. Click here to enter the casino and meet some new species.

As I said, once the Blu-ray for The Last Jedi is released, I would do a “Species Compendium” for the movie with more pictures, since the preliminary one was basically my notes. However, since we’ve hardly gotten any new species names, I’d not prefer to call this blogpost a “Compendium”. Hence, the “Who’s Where in Canto Bight”.

Some of the images below are taken from other sources, simply because the movie appearances are often “blink and you will miss it”, making screenshots rather worthless in those cases where we have gotten pictures (like the Visual Dictionary). Anyway… let’s explore Cantonica!

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