In December 2016, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story brought us a grand platter of new and exciting worlds to experience, deepening the map of the galaxy and giving us even more sumptuous locations to delve into and learn about.

2009’s Star Wars: The Essential Atlas is the canvas upon which this series of articles paints upon, a release which gave a detailed history of the development of the galaxy, its hyperspace routes, sectors and much more. In 2015, writing over at, I took a look at the worlds of The Force Awakens and continued a year later with the planets of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Now it’s the turn of The Last Jedi.

From the salt flats of Crait to the rain-soaked cliffs of Ahch-To, the greenery of D’Qar to the opulence of Cantonica, let’s hit the lanes and speed through the galaxy of The Last Jedi.

Ileenium system, Outer Rim

Located in the Sanbra sector of the Outer Rim, the Ileenium system is home to D’Qar. The secret home of the Resistance, the blue skies above the lush vegetation of D’Qar was where the small Resistance fleet was hunted down by a First Order Dreadnaught, its support vessels and the 60 kilometer wide Supremacy, command vessel of Supreme Leader Snoke. Situated between Rugosa to the north, Shadda-Bi-Boran to the south-west and Arbra to the west, D’Qar was far enough away from the weaving Balmorra Run to stay largely out of the galactic spotlight, proving its choice as the Resistance base was a wise one. After the recent destruction of Starkiller Base, hollowed out from the crystal-cored world of Ilum in the northern stretch of the Unknown Regions, the Resistance was forced back across the galaxy as the First Order took system after system, seemingly in no time at all. Pushed to the brink of defeat and without any support from the now destroyed New Republic council, D’Qar was their final stronghold.

The Unknown Regions

From D’Qar, the journey to Ahch-To would not only have been a perilous and fraught with danger but, until just days before, it would have been nigh on impossible. Travel north to Enarc and take the Enarc Run past Sanfrafsix to Darkknell where you join the Hydian Way, the greatest of the galaxies five major hyperspace routes. There, travel south to Eriadu, at the junction of the Rimma Trade Spine, and pick up the Lipsec Run, skirting the southern edges of the Senex-Juvex sectors and the Greater Javin. Cross the Corellian Trade Spine at Isde Naha and continue on to Lipsec in the Koradin sector and then take a deep breath as recognised hyperspace routes run out and the edge of the galaxy beckons. You now have a choice. Strike out into the depths of the unknown, relying on smugglers astrogations or your own intel, or head north to Koda Station in the Wazta sector of the Outer Rim and jump again to Bakura in the Bakura sector. From there your choice is simple. Head west into the uncharted stars of Wild Space, and round the spiral arm into the Unknown Regions until you find the Binary system of Ahch-To, and a largely uninhabited rain-soaked water world of archipelagos orbited by a single moon.

Cantonica system, Corporate Sector 

If you were planning on seeing as much of the galaxy as possible, then the journey from Ahch-To to Cantonica would take in a sizeable portion of it. From Ahch-To, head east, past the desert world of Jakku in the Western Reaches of the Inner Rim and up through the Colonies and the Core into the Deep Core and the hidden world of Byss. From there, pick up the Byss Run to Prakith, past Empress Teta, north along the Koros Trunk Line to the galactic capital of Coruscant. There, connect to the Perlemian Trade Route and a relatively short run to Brentaal where you connect to the Hydian Way and continue the journey into the Corporate sector. Along the way you pass through the Core, Colonies, Inner Rim, Mid Rim and into the Outer Rim, passing the moons of Bogden, skimming north past Mandalorian space, weave west of the Gordian Reach past Serenno and Toprawa until you reach Listehol. Branch off the Hydian onto the Listehol Run to Zygerria and from there head cautiously to Cantonica and the dazzling wealth of the casino city of Canto Bight in the Corporate sector.

Crait system, Outer Rim  

The trip from Cantonica in the Corporate sector down to Crait in the Bon’nyuw-Luq sector located in the south of the galaxy largely mirrors the journey taken by Finn and Rose while on their secret mission to Canto Bight, and much like the trip from Ahch-To to Cantinica takes in a large portion of the galaxy and its regions. Head south from Cantinoca to Lianna in the Tion Cluster and pick up the Perlemian Trade Route. Travel south west, past Columex and The Wheel, near Roche and its famous asteroid belt in the Mid Rim to Lantillies. Connect to the Randon Run, passing Kashyyyk and on to Randon where you pick up the Trax Tube all the way south through the Mytaranor, Trax, Kurost, Eclorar and Daalang sectors to Daalang. Take the Bothan Run to Bothawui, shoot down the Manda Merchant Route past Rishi and Scarif to Molavar and pick up the Hutt Highway – better known as the Triellus Trade Route – all the way to Enarc in the Alui sector of the Mid Rim. From there it’s a short jump across the border into the Outer Rim to the Crait System in the Bon’nyuw-Luq sector.

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