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Yes, yes, yes, we know it’s not real, but there’s no harm in taking a closer look at the physics of a fight scene from The Mandalorian trailer. The scene in question sees our lead character take on two Trandoshans with what looks like a powered baton, knocking his assailant backwards in a similar way to FN-2199 with his Z6 riot control baton in The Force Awakens.

I just watched the trailer for the show, and right now I’m interested in this quick view of a fight with some other character in a cave. In the scene (near the beginning, at about 0:20), the Mandalorian uses some type of glowy energy thing on the end of his rifle to hit this other guy. The result shows the bad guy (he has to be bad, right?) flying backwards across the cave.

It not only looks cool, it also offers the opportunity to do some physics. You know that’s what I like to do anyway. So let’s get to it. Yes, there will be some video analysis included.

Head over to WIRED for a deeper (way, way deeper) explanation of the physics of the scene.