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Some fans are concerned about the theatrical hiatus for Star Wars following The Rise Of Skywalker, but Disney CEO, Bob Iger, promises much “creative activity” during that time, as well as feeling “really good” about the creative direction for the franchise.

“In the Star Wars case, Star Wars IX, which comes out this December, will be the last of the Skywalker Saga, and will go into hiatus for a few years before the next Star Wars feature,” Iger said during Disney’s fourth quarter 2019 financial results conference call. “There will be a lot of creative activity in the interim.”

Iger then said the company feels “really good” about the creative and commercial direction of both Star Wars and Marvel Studios.

“As we look at these businesses, they’re film businesses, they’re TV businesses, they’re still big consumer products drivers, and more and more, they have a greater presence in parks and resorts,” he said. “We feel really good about both their creative direction, but also their commercial direction.”

Iger also revealed that beyond the three Disney+ shows already revealed, ‘The Mandalorian’, as well as Obi-Wan and Cassian Andor shows – there were further concepts for TV in development.