Bucket List: On The Wings of Keeradaks

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Learn about the new octuptarra droids and more from this episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “On the Wings of Keeradaks!”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Bucket List highlights trivia and fun facts from each episode of the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, streaming now on Disney+!

The latest Clone Wars Declassified also takes a look behind the episode with some interesting info about the adventure.

In Star Wars, things often go from bad to worse. That’s definitely the case here, when the clones and Anakin find themselves walking a narrow pipe, with battle droids closing in on both sides. But thanks to Tech’s intellectual curiosity and quick thinking, they make a memorable escape: the clone attracts Skako Minor’s flying keeradaks by playing a recording of the creatures’ own distress call, allowing the heroes to jump onto their backs and fly away. Not even a strategic algorithm could’ve predicted that move.