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Whilst listening into the Shareholders event today it was painful to hear the standard Disney “on hold” music cut in when Mr Iger announced that there was something to show the live audience from J.J. Abrams regarding Star Wars Episode IX.

Fortunately, the guys at Star Wars Underworld are reporting a Twitter description of what one of the attendees saw.  They say:

Today, Disney held their annual shareholders meeting today where they screened the first bit of footage from Star Wars Episode IX to people outside of the production crew.

Disney CEO Bob Iger introduced the footage, which was reportedly a combination of actual scenes from the film and behind the scenes moments.  The clip has not been made publicly available (and likely won’t be), but fortunately people inside the event have take to social media to describe what they saw.

They then go on to list a description of the footage given by “Scott Ladewig” of @ladewig though his Twitter account. You can read the full exchange in their article here

Now there are not really spoilers, but to be safe we won’t post a description here and suggest that you read the article at The Star Wars Underworld if you want to know what was seen.

The hunt for footage continues….