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George Lucas’ cult classic the Howard The Duck movie will soon be returning to our ears as Intrada plans to release a deluxe three-CD set of music from film.

From the Bowie-referencing, Runaways-esque swagger of “Hunger City” to the movie’s riff on George Clinton/Prince funkiness that was the title track, the Howard The Duck soundtrack was easy to love. And now it could reach a lot more people.

Available now for pre-order, this set contains a treasure trove of music from the film. Here’s the ducky details:

“When MCA Records released the soundtrack on vinyl and cassette, they chose just 40 minutes of music, divided roughly in half between songs and score,” the official product description tells us. “Intrada now happily presents all of the music John Barry, Sylvester Levay and Thomas Dolby recorded, spread across 3 CDs, most of it being released for the first time!”

The product listing also adds this: “In addition, that original 1986 MCA album also makes its CD premiere! Howard The Duck was created for Marvel Comics by Steve Gerber in 1973. Star Wars filmmaker George Lucas produced with his friends Willard Huyck and Gloria Katz. Heck also scripted and directed. Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins star alongside Howard, who later rose to contemporary CGI fame courtesy Marvel/Disney’s Guardians Of The Galaxy films. To present this gargantuan score, all of it in stereo, including all of the alternates and rewrites, Intrada was provided access to the complete session masters for all three musical artists, including 2” 24-track, 1/2” 3-channel and 1/4” 2-track stereo elements preserved in the Universal vaults in beautiful condition.”

More information can be found on the Intrada website, with the album priced at $34.99 USD.