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If you’ve not yet had chance to watch the 5th episode of the 7th and final season of The Clone Wars – Gone With A Trace – then seek it out and watch it, as the episode is a beautifully crafted story set in 1313 on Coruscant that sees Ahsoka, freshly released from the Jedi Order, forging a new path andmaing new allies.

Enter some of the coolest appearances in the show so far – a show that has lovingly dropped much-loved vintage elements into the show over the years, such as Blue Snaggletooth and Jaxxon – the toyetic trio of Hammerhead, Greedo and Walrusman wearing their classic Palitoy (swapout for whichever region you spent your childhood in) outfits.

Upon the release of Star Wars in May 1977, toys weren’t ready-made. Instead, a small toy company called Kenner rushed them into production so they were ready by Christmas 1978. The first wave was a hit, so they sought to keep the momentum rolling into wave 2. This is where a pre-Maclunkey Greedo, “Walrusman”, and “Hammerhead” would be released. However, they weren’t identical to their on-screen versions. This was because there was a lack of proper reference pictures, so Kenner sculptors had to do their best. Some wore the costumes of other Cantina patrons while others were completely redesigned.

Star Wars has become known for its action figures, with even the most obscure characters getting releases at some point. Back then, they weren’t always spot on, as is evident with the aforementioned characters. It took over 40 years, but these costumes are at last canon. It’s better late than never, and The Clone Wars was the perfect place for it to happen. The show has referenced obscure entities of Star Wars’ past on a handful of occasions. Although, it may be the first time it retroactively canonized something from its original toy line. At any rate, it was a fun detail to include. It’s not every day vintage Star Wars toy designs pop up in The Clone Wars.

Thanks to The Clone Wars, those toys from our childhood that for four decades never quite fit their onscreen counterparts are now canon.