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For such a formidable character as Gina Carano, an actress who exudes steel on the inside and the outside, it may seem incredible that she has doubts about herself and she recently spoke about those feelings, and how Star Wars – specifically The Mandalorian – has become her new home.

“There was a point in my life where it was like, I don’t know if want to be in movies anymore, because I don’t want to bring them down; I don’t know if I’m good enough for them.”

“When I tell people I’m an actress, they’re like, ‘Do you do stunts?’ because I don’t look like the average actress — I’m not a sample size. I remember I’m normal, but I just don’t feel like I look like what an actress should look like. I’ve always had these big legs, big thighs.”

“I always like to cover up with a poncho and just kind of hide. I don’t like to really show my body. It’s something that I’ve been avoiding for a very long time.”

“I am like a Mack truck. I’ve always been strong. I’ve always been this person. I’ve really come to accept and embrace that through playing Cara. It’s just meant the world to me because, really, beauty doesn’t just from what we think of all the time as beauty, it comes from the inside.”

“I’ve been pretty much like a loner walking my own path and carving my own way and just finding my way around in this business. This feels incredible because I’ve never really, really belonged anywhere.”

“Jon kind of just plucked me out of the desert and put me in this beautiful tropical place. And yeah, it’s hard work — sometimes 18 hour days — but I don’t care how hard this work is. I just absolutely love going to work; it gives me so much purpose.”