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BB-8 arrived in The Force Awakens and, like his famous astromech predecessor, totally stole the show. The latest episode of Star Wars Resistance Rewind takes a look at our joint favourite droid, and looks at how early designs for BB-8 have been incorporated into Star Wars Resistance.

As with the invention of any new character, BB-8 went through several different designs from ILM concept artist, Christian Alzmann, before a final version was chosen by writer/director, J.J. Abrams. Luckily, Alzmann’s unused ideas weren’t scrapped, but later re-purposed for another Star Wars project, Resistance, which currently airs on the Disney Channel.

“I noticed that the proportions [in Christian’s drawings] were slightly different, the head was a little bit bigger, they eye was a little bit bigger. And I thought that that really translated well into the anime-inspired style of Resistance,” says art director Amy Beth Christenson in the video below. “That’s how BB-8 evolved for the show.”