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Now, this is out there, quite a long way out there but hey, who are we to argue with the Star Wars aficionado that is Kevin Smith, who not only liked a fan theory about the parentage of Rey so much that he gave it a lot of thought, he then contacted his buddy J.J. Abrams to discuss it.

Speaking on his long-running Fatman on Batman podcast (although post-heart attack he’s not so much of the fat man, having lost some significant weight) he chewed over the idea. (parents, be aware that there’s plenty of salty language in the podcast).

“We were talking about Clone Wars coming back and I said to him, ‘I got a theory that that’s the way to start introducing Ahsoka slowly into the live-action movies by bringing her back prominently in the cartoon. Because now that they don’t have Princess Leia stories to tell, they need another strong female character in the universe and Ahsoka’s been there for years, much beloved, just isn’t in the movies.

So I was like, ‘I think maybe they’re doing that so they can slowly bring her into the movies.’ And then Brian [Volk–Weiss] blows my f****n’ mind by going, ‘Maybe that’s who Keri Russell‘s playing?’ and then I said, ‘What the f***, man?! I wanna see your version of Star Wars!’ Then I was like, ‘No, that can’t be it, I think Keri Russell probably plays Rey’s mom,’ and then he f****n’ drops the bomb and he goes, ‘What if it’s the same person?’

“So, instantly, I wrote to JJ Abrams, ‘You must do this.’ Could you imagine? That would be f****n’ wild. I don’t think it is, but that was one of the greatest fan theories I’ve ever heard about. Wouldn’t that be hot? Not only is Ahsoka in these movies but she’s f-ckin’ Rey’s mom! And somewhere, Rian Johnson’s like, ‘What the f-ck?! I said no! I said they were trash!'”

All highly unlikely of course, for a number of reasons. If there’s any truth in Abrams having written drafts for all 3 films and having a lineage already in place for Rey, as mentioned in past interviews by Simon ‘Chewie, we’re home‘ Pegg then presumably he’d wish to steer back towards that.

The Last Jedi most likely altered the course of those plans, although Keri Russell playing Rey’s mother is quite possible. News is sure to filter in before then as we count down the 463 days to Episode IX.