Let’s Make Star Wars: How to Make a Space Slug Pumpkin

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Celebrate Halloween with a giant space slug pumpkin trying to take a bite out of the Millennium Falcon! Sean and Marissa show you how to turn two pumpkins into the creature and its asteroid home from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Then put it on your doorstep to amuse your friends and trick-or-treaters.

Supplies list for this project:

2 craft pumpkins, one small and one tall
Tan, gray, and gold acrylic paints
Stone colored spray paint
Small rocks or stones
White air-dry modeling clay
Low-heat glue gun
Small Millennium Falcon toy or cardboard cutout
Clear plastic toothpick or skewer

To download a cutout of the Millennium Falcon, please visit :

starwarskids.com/SpaceSlugPumpkin with your parent’s permission.