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‘Star Wars: A New Hope’s’ Oscar-winning film editor, Paul Hirsch, has been interviewed by Moviehole.net where he touches on his time on Star Wars.

MS: A lot of the young filmmakers in the 70s (DePalma, Spielberg, Scorsese, Lucas) were very close with each other. Is that how you were hired for “Star Wars?”

PH: Yes. Brian screened the final cut of “Carrie” for George and Marcia Lucas on their return from principal photography on”Star Wars” in England. They needed help, and turned to me.

MS: How difficult was it editing a film where you sometimes had to wait months for a finished special effects shot?

PH: We had ways around that. We would cut in place-holders or a piece of leader that we estimated was the right length.

MS: You, along with Marcia Lucas and Richard Chew, received the Academy Award for your work on “Star Wars.” Where do you keep your Oscar?

PH: It’s on a bookshelf in my office.

Be sure to take the link for a wide reaching interview, as Hirsch also discusses writing a book on his experiences in the industry as an editor.