Very positive news as Ron Howard, director of the magnificent Solo: A Star Wars Story, makes it clear that he’d be open to returning to the galaxy to direct more Star Wars.

Speaking with The Metro, Howard discussed a potential return.

“I had a great experience with that. It would depend entirely on the story.”

And he mentioned his daughter, Jurassic World star Bryce Dallas Howard, who is directing an episode of The Mandalorian.

‘My daughter Bryce [Dallas Howard] is thrilled. She’s been announced to be directing one of the new episodes of the series headed by Jon Favreau. ‘She’s having a great experience. So I’m kind of living through it again through her. It’s just a creative, inspired group of movie lovers who make those projects.’

However, there is another way. With the streaming service kicking off next year and new Star Wars projects being lined up as we speak, perhaps Ron Howards return won’t be on the big screen, but on the streaming service? He’s an advocate of the small screen – he returns as producer on the second season of Mars next year – and surely a satisfying tale would entice him to oversee a small screen adventure.

The further adventures of Han and Chewie anyone? We’d certainly be down for that.