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As we enter 2020, while we won’t be seeing the Disney Plus Kenobi show we will be following its production and development and as the filming date draws nearer, LRM have posted that Lucasfilm are apparently looking for a young actor to play an adolescent Luke Skywalker.

Daniel Richtman, who has a pretty good record in the movie scoops game recently revealed that he has heard Lucasfilm is looking for an actor to play a young version of Luke Skywalker for this show on his Patreon service. There was never any guarantee that Luke would show up in the show, but given the period and what Obi-Wan’s focus is at this time, I certainly expected Luke to show up. I do not, however, believe Luke will play a significant part in the show, I’ll guess that we may not get many, if any speaking lines. I could even imagine a situation where Obi-Wan looks on from a distance at young Luke.

A young Luke, seen from a distance as per his fleeting scene in Star Wars Rebels or the wonderfully observed Mike Mayhew Kenobi focused issues of the Star Wars comic would be fascinating to see, as would returns for Joel Edgerton as Uncle Owen and Bonnie Piesse as Aunt Beru.