After 17 days at the US box office, Solo: A Star Wars Story has enjoyed a decent third weekend, dropping to second spot with Oceans 8 opening to an estimated $41,500 million but staying ahead of the brilliantly bonkers Deadpool 2 to bring in an estimated $15,154 million for the weekend.

Worldwide the film has now crossed the $300 million barrier with £312.2 million to put in in 12th position for the year ahead of Pacific Rim: Uprising and $12 million behind A Quiet Place. With the film only losing 45 screens in North America and word of mouth seemingly beginning to take hold, its current box office of $176,105,474 stands a good chance of reaching north of $220 million.

That said, with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom out already in many international territories and arriving in the US next weekend ($151,100,000 in the global bank already, more than Solo‘s international total of $136,100,000 over 17 days) expect more screens to be taken and broader cinema going interest to shift to one of ILM’s other great achievements.

Worldwide, the film had opened in every territory by the end of May with the only major market remaining being Japan, where it opens on 29th June. Hopefully Japan will revel in the vintage vibe and help propel the film to over $400 million worldwide where by comparison fellow Star Wars Story Rogue One brought in over $39 million, making it the 6th biggest market worldwide.