It’s something we talk about here on Fantha Tracks regularly, the importance of the soundscape of Star Wars, every bit as vital and key as the visuals or the music that stitches the saga together. Screenrant take a look at ten of the most iconic sounds of the movies and how they were created.

Here’s a look at the failing hyperdrive of the Millennium Falcon.

Being one of the most famous space crafts in all of science fiction, the Millennium Falcon’s certainly has its fair share of noises to choose from, such as laser cannons and co-pilot roars (which we will be lsoundsooking at later in the list) but one of the more unique effects is that of the hyperdrive, more specifically its failure to launch.

If there is one reliable thing about the Falcon it’s its lack of reliability, and the sad groans of the engines failing to leap into to light speed were made by a collection consisting of a dentist’s air jet, a 1928 bi-plane, and arc light motor starting and stopping, the motor noise of a tanks gun turret and the sound of a broken sink in the studio’s bathroom. What a piece of junk, indeed.