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Blake Robinson, the man behind the music of many trailers including this mornings final The Rise of Skywalker trailer, tweeted his involvement last night, explaining his work on the project.

A visit to his home page revealed the work he did on the trailer.

Featuring “Bladelight” from 1:25, a reinterpretation of John Williams themes, written for The Rise of Skywalker final trailer.

Blake has also written music for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, for the story, gameplay and reveal trailers as well as the Battlefront II Geonosis trailer, Battlefront II Han Solo Season, Last Jedi Season, and the launch, campaign and Beta trailers. In addition, he did the music for the This Is SWBFII trailer, the Gameplay trailer.

Incredibly moving work that has the fandom talking, there’s sure to be more great music heading our way from Blake Robinson.