The latest featurette for The Rise of Skywalker beautifully blends footage shown at Celebration Chicago earlier this year with new behind the scenes moments on the Episode IX sets, including this amazing shot of Warwick Davis in an ewok costume looking lovingly at the head of an old friend – the first character he ever inhabited on screen in a Star Wars film way back in 1983 in Return of the Jedi – Wicket the ewok.

Does this mean we do return to the forest moon as well as the ocean moon of Kef Bir where the Death Star landed? Remember, the battle station exploded into bits that could have eventually landed on many of Endor’s moons, not just Kef Bir. Could this see a reunion between Wicket, Chewie, Lando – Leia?

Not long to wait, but wonderful news that the clip appears to confirm that Warwick is back in the suit as Wicket.

(nothing is official until confirms of course)

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