Vintage Star Wars Action Figures in Music Videos

Right then pop pickers. Here’s something a bit different for you. Have you ever spotted a Star Wars action figure in a music video?

A few years back I became a fan of a British band called Elbow. You may be familiar with them. The band was the recipient of the Mercury Prize for best album in 2008 for a truly beautiful, dare I say faultless collection of tunes. The Seldom Seen Kid contained the brilliant Grounds For Divorce and the anthemic One Day Like This – which Elbow played live at the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. I really got into the band and now have the entire back catalogue.

The second studio album – Cast of Thousands – released in 2003 contains some fantastic tracks. There were a couple of singles released, including Not a Job which features a familiar Sith Lord – The Emperor! The 1983-84 action figure is seen dangling from the rear view mirror of the hearse that features prominently in the music video. It’s a great tune, but I must admit the addition of ‘Papa Palps’ adds to it for me.

It got me thinking, do Star Wars figures feature in any other music videos?

I have a ridiculously good memory for the most trivial of things and I recalled seeing a pop video on a Saturday morning children’s TV show back in the early 1980s. Following a bit of detective work I found it.

Tug of War, released in 1982 – from the album of the same name – is by none other than former Beatle Paul McCartney. It was released just after the end of Macca’s second band Wings. It’s actually a really good song, but I must admit I don’t recall it from the time of release.

Towards the end of the promo video for the track, legendary Beatles producer George Martin is seen entering the studio, handing Paul what looks to be the 12 inch Kenner C-3PO figure. Take a look and see what you think.

What there can be no doubt of is that the 1981 Han Solo in Bespin Fatigues makes a definite cameo a short while after – further cementing my belief that it is 3PO too.

So, do you know of any music videos featuring Star Wars action figures? Let us know.

Paul Naylor has been a fan of Star Wars since first seeing it on a cold February evening in Wellington, Shropshire back in 1978. Paul is a former journalist, having worked for the Shropshire Star and Express & Star newspapers for 25 years, leaving the industry at the beginning of 2017 and launching design agency Media & You. Paul is the co-host of the Start Your Engines podcast and is a Features Editor on Fantha Tracks, reporting from events and conventions across the UK and the US.