Adrian Dunbar, the Northern Irish actor who’s performance as Bail Antilles was deleted from The Phantom Menace presents Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland, a new show on Channel 5 which will see Dunbar walk the west and north coasts of Ireland and travel to Skellig Michael, which served as the real-life shooting location of Ahch-To in the Sequel Trilogy.

Adrian Dunbar’s Coastal Ireland, a two-part series where the actor reconnects with his roots as he travels the wild and rugged west and north coasts of Ireland, airs on Thursday 4th February at 8pm on Channel 5.

Shot during September 2020, with a skeleton film crew as lockdown restrictions eased, Adrian discovered awe inspiring sights, fantastic feats of engineering and of course, caught up with a select group of his old friends along the way.

In episode one, Adrian visits the astonishing Mizen bridge, suspended 45 metres above sea level, and heads to Co. Cork, where old friend Darina Allen makes him lunch at Ballymaloe House. He also fulfils a lifelong ambition to make the treacherous sea crossing to Skellig Islands, where the ruins of an ancient monastic settlement are perched 600 feet above sea.

Episode two takes the viewers to Antrim’s North Coast. It’s here Adrian finds legends at the Giants Causeway, including motorcycle super star Michael Dunlop. He also visits the serene beauty of the Mourne Mountains, a range of enormous peaks which sweep down into the Irish Sea, where Adrian sums up his journey in style surrounded by the landscape that inspired CS Lewis to create Narnia.


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