The Clone Wars returns to screens on February 21st via the Disney Plus streaming service, but just what episodes are we getting?

We been told we’re getting 12 episodes, and by matching the footage from the trailers up to previously released footage we’re able to tell the episodes arcs we’re getting are:

The Bad Batch arc

Ahsoka’s Walkabout arc

Siege of Mandalore arc

The Bad Batch arc

This arc was previously released in story reel form, premièring at Celebration Anaheim 2015 and shortly later released on

A four-episode arc with the original production codes 6.09, 6.10, 6.11 and 6.12. In the original run of The Clone Wars this arc would have appeared in season 7 had the series not been cancelled in 2013.

This arc is about an elite unit of experimental clones called Clone Force 99, also known as the “Bad Batch”. Many fans will have already seen this in the story reel form but it will be great to see them with the animation completed.

Ahsoka’s Walkabout arc

Another four-episode arc with the original production codes 6.05, 6.06, 6.07 and 6.08. Also originally intended for season 7 of the original run of The Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni has talked about his arc at ‘The Untold Clone Wars’ Panel at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 and ‘Ahsoka’s Untold Tales’ Panel at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016.

It’s a story about Ahsoka’s first adventure after leaving the Jedi Order, venturing into level 1313 in the underworld of Coruscant and finding her way on her own without the Jedi.

It had voices recorded and animatic work done, with clips being shown at the aforementioned panels, but this arc has been reworked slightly from how it was originally envisioned.

Originally Ahsoka was to meet a scoundrel mechanic type character named Nyx Okami, voiced by Matthew Yang King, who would serve as a romantic interest for her over the arc. But it was revealed at the ‘Clone Wars Saved’ Panel at Celebration 2019 that this character has been replace by two sisters called Trace and Rafa Martez. The reasoning behind this change has yet to be revealed but it’s something I’m looking forward to get more information on. It seems quite a drastic change considering Matthew Yang King had already recorded Nyx’s voice.

Siege of Mandalore arc

Easily the most anticipated arc by fans as the Siege of Mandalore has been reference in several other Star Wars stories.

Also, a four-episode arc, with the original production codes of 7.21, 7.22, 7.23 and 7.24. This was always intended to be the final arc in The Clone Wars, had the original run not been cancelled prematurely it would have been the final four episodes of season 8.

This arc takes place immediately before Revenge of the Sith and even appears from the trailer that some of it will happen concurrently with Sith. We can’t say too much about this arc without getting into spoilers, but it largely takes place on Mandalore and will also feature Maul. The last time we saw Maul in The Clone Wars was towards the end of season 5 where he had been captured by Darth Sidious. In The Siege of Mandalore we’ll see Maul once again free and at large with the remains of his Shadow Collective.

To find out the missing part of this story and how he escaped from Sidious you’ll need to read the ‘Son of Dathomir’ comic that adapts the four unproduced The Clone Wars episodes that told this story.

Star Wars: Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 136 Pages - 11/28/2017 (Publication Date) - Marvel (Publisher)
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