The Star Wars galaxy is an ever-evolving canvas upon which to tell stories, one that has developed in the decades since the very first Star Wars film in 1977. In 2015, writing over at, I took a look at the worlds of The Force Awakens and in 2016 the planets of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Back in April here on Fantha Tracks I continued the series with a look at the locations of The Last Jedi. Now our eyes turn to the underworld locales of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

From the bog planet of Mimban to the industrial skyline of Corellia, the spice mines of Kessel to the icy blasts of Vandor let’s make a run through the worlds of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Corellia system, Core Worlds 

Located in the Core Worlds on the intersection of the Corellian Trade Spine which looped south to the Outer Rim near Delrakkin and the Corellian Run which stretches all the way from Naos on the Outer Rim to the central world of Coruscant, Corellia sat in the midst of major worlds like Duros and Rendilli. Legends said that the system was artificially created and populated with humans from Coruscant, but wherever their human inhabitants came from they would go on to carve their own legends into the history of the galaxy. Best known for its shipyards, from constructing Imperial vessels used to subjugate the galaxy to stock light freighters used to smuggle cargo across it, Corellia was a focal point for the leeches of the underworld to exploit slave labour. Understandably, the wisest ones opted to leave and never return. 

Circarpous system, Expansion Region

On a galactic scale, the journey from Corellia to Mimban is reasonably short. Cut east from Corellia, out of the Core Worlds and into the Colonies to Exodeen. Pick up the the Nanth’ri Trade Route and weave your way past Quellor, Antar, Gyndine – where the prototype of the Imperator Class Star Destroyer was built and the Ootmian Pabol runs north east to Nal Hutta – to Mimban in the Circarpous sector. Once there you will wonder why you spent so much hyperfuel making the journey as the only thing Mimban has to offer is mud, mud, more mud and hyperbaride mineral deposits which have attracted off-worlders for many years, forcing the Mimbanites to form a liberation army to repel invaders including the Separatists and the Empire. 

Vandor system, Mid Rim 

From Mimban the journey to Vandor is even closer. Head east back along the Nanth’ri Trade Route past Attahox until you reach Nanth’ri itself in the Kurost sector. Head south down the Trax Tube hyperspace lane, past Nixor until you reach Daalang. From there you’re aiming south west until you leave the safety of recognised hyperspace routes and trust in your own astrogation charts as you head west to the very edge of the Mid Rims border with the Expansion and Vandor. A mountainous world of ice and snow, Vandor came under ever-increasing Imperial control, mostly for its strategic location on the border of the Expansion and the Mid Rim with easy access to the interior to the west and Hutt Space to the east.

Kessel system, Outer Rim Territories 

The route from Vandor to Kessel could be taken in a variety of ways, but the safest and most straightforward would take you north back to Daalang and east along the Daalang – Rorak hyperspace lane where you join the Shag Pabol, or slave road, passing Ylesia and arriving at Teth.  There, point your sensor package north along the Triellus Trade Route past Aduba and Eadu until you reach Formos. From there it’s a quick hop west along the Pabol Sleheyron until you reach Kessel. Hidden within the Akkadese Maelstrom, Kessel was run by the Pyke Syndicate and was famed across the galaxy for its spice deposits. Regardless of the immense risk, many starship captains had attempted to weave their way through the maelstrom to Kessel and its riches – most failed. 

Savareen system, Outer Rim Territories

From Kessel the journey south to Savareen is long and circuitous. Your wisest course is to retrace your steps, back east along the Pabol Sleheyron to Formos, south down the Triellus Trade Route back to Teth, out in the Hutt controlled portion of Wild Space. From there continue down the Triellus to Syvris, past Gamorr and down to Molavar in the Abrion sector on the very edge of the Outer Rim Territories. Stay on the Triellus, loop around Roon and power down past Tatooine in the Arkanis sector until you arrive at the Corellian Run. Take the short jump north west up to Savareen, a former base for the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn. Savareen was best known for its rolling Pnakotic Ocean, its brandy and little else.