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Fantasy Flight Games is announces four Upgrade Expansions for Star Wars: Legion: Imperial Stormtroopers Upgrade Expansion, Rebel Troopers Upgrade Expansion, B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion, Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion. That’s more expansions than you can shake a gaffi stick at.

“Stormtroopers? Here? We’re in danger!”
—C-3PO, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

From the iconic E-11 blaster rifle carried by Imperial Stormtroopers to the E-5 blaster rifles wielded by the Separatist Alliance’s legions of battle droids, each Star Wars™: Legion faction has its own signature weapons they bring to the ground battles of the Star Wars galaxy. But select troopers also bring a range of other weapons and skills to their squads and soon you’ll have more options than ever to move your corps units beyond standard issue.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce four Upgrade Expansions for Star Wars: Legion:

Imperial Stormtroopers Upgrade Expansion
Rebel Troopers Upgrade Expansion
B1 Battle Droids Upgrade Expansion
Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion

Featuring newly-sculpted miniatures that can be used interchangeably with those found in previous Star Wars: Legion releases, these expansions give you even more power to customize the look of your armies. Meanwhile, additional personnel and heavy weapons upgrades unlock even more tactical flexibility in your corps units, inviting you to outfit them with new gear for maximum effectiveness.

Star Wars: Legion - Rebel Troopers Unit Expansion
  • Beings from countless species and worlds have joined the Rebel Alliance, and it’s not uncommon to see that diversity reflected in your Infantry squads.
  • Rebel troopers are the backbone of the Rebel armies as their first Corps unit to arrive on the scene.
  • Rebel troopers in Star Wars: Legion are armed with the a-280 blaster rifle
  • The epic miniatures battles of Star Wars: Legion are coming to your tabletop—and it’s up to you whether you’ll join the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire.