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Get ready to be a total CARD and DECK your opponents at the gaming table! Do you see what I did there? Comedy gold, I should be getting paid for this stuff. So, Fantasy Flight Games announces the Republic & Separatist II Adversary Deck for Star Wars Roleplaying, with twenty NPCs found in the Collapse of the Republic sourcebook for all three core RPG games – Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny.

There is no end in sight for the war that engulfs the galaxy. As soldiers of all ranks grow weary and Jedi struggle to keep the peace,the most iconic characters in the Star Wars galaxy begin to forge a new path for the future.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Republic & Separatist II Adversary Deck for Star Wars™ Roleplaying!

Featuring 20 NPCs found in the Collapse of the Republic sourcebook, the Republic & Separatist II Adversary Deck keeps your games flowing with beautiful art and important information that can be used with Edge of the EmpireAge of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny campaigns!