This all sounds pretty exciting – Star Wars: Destiny from Fantasy Flight Games is out, along with starter packs.

Now there’s even more fun on the way – Legacies takes us back to the original movies, and along with new mechanics to incorporate in your games as well as expanding on existing options.
Legacies packs are available this winter, so over at Fantasy Flight Games they have a special preview of two of them, the Luke Skywalker Starter Set and the Boba Fett Starter Set.

From the website:

“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world”
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Legacies marks a bold new direction for Star Wars™: Destiny.. It introduces brand-new mechanics like Indirect Damage and Plot Cards, while expanding on the existing options for all colors and factions. And the booster packs aren’t the only thing that’s changing—alongside the Legacies booster packs, you’ll find two new starter sets that feature some of the most recognizable characters in the Star Wars galaxy.

Today, we’re previewing the Luke Skywalker Starter Set and the Boba Fett Starter Set that will be released alongside Legacies boosters this winter!

These starter sets will be in print for one year and mark the perfect entry point into Star Wars: Destiny. Whether you want to be a ruthless bounty hunter or a hero of the rebellion, there’s no better place to take the first step into the larger world of Star Wars: Destiny!

SOURCEFantasy Flight Games
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