The fourth and final season is here, and as we make our way towards the finishing line we learn via The Nerdist that the voice talent behind The Clone Wars droid Todo 360, co-creator of Star Wars Detours and all-round good egg Seth Green will return in next weeks Star Wars Rebels episode Crawler Commandeers as Trandoshan Captain Seevo.

When you’re in trouble and need to contact Rebel command, you might have to resort to desperate measures. That’s what Kanan, Sabine, Ezra, and Zeb have to do in next Monday’s Star Wars Rebels. They pirate/borrow—if you want to use a friendlier term—a mining guild crawler with long range communications gear in order to get in touch with Hera, presumably so she can save their skins.

Nerdist is happy to announce that Seth Green will be making his Star Wars Rebels debut as the Trandoshan in charge of that crawler, Captain Seevo. And we happen to have an exclusive clip showing Seevo in action.