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Have a look at the Hyena-class Droid Bomber Expansion Pack for X-Wing and see how it’ll benefit your squadron.

“Send the Hyena bombers to hit Senator Organa on the surface.”
–Admiral Trench, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Swarms of interlinked starfighters are some of the Separatist Alliance’s greatest assets in their struggle to overthrow the Republic. But a numerical advantage is only so useful against heavily-armored craft and nimble fighters flown by experienced Jedi Masters. Fortunately for the Separatists, droids can do much more than mob opposing squadrons.

When they truly need to pack a punch, the Separatists deploy droids designed for that very purpose, such as the Hyena-class droid bomber. Whether it’s launching a volley of missiles, dropping deadly bombs, or deploying some experimental ordnance, the Hyena brings a variety of new options to Separatist squadrons. Soon, you’ll be able to take full advantage of these fighters with the Hyena-class Droid Bomber Expansion Pack for X-Wing™!

In this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully painted Hyena-class droid bomber miniature, along with six ship cards that offer their own variations on the ship. Each one makes the Hyena-class droid bomber dangerous in its own way, but a bomber can’t contribute much without bombs. Accordingly, this expansion also puts an impressive arsenal of ten upgrade cards at your fingertips, letting you choose the loadout you prefer.

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars X-Wing: 2nd Edition - T-70 X-Wing Expansion Pack
  • Carrying on the tradition set by ace Rebel pilots like Wedge Antilles, the heroes of the Resistance enter the fight against the First Order in the next evolution of the classic X-wing fighter.
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