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Star Wars: Dark Side Rising is a 2-4 player card and dice co-operative game from Usaopoly set in the Star Wars galaxy for ages 10 and up, with each game lasting roughly 45 minutes and it can be yours for £49.95. Currently it’s available in European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) countries, and here’s the box breakdown.

What’s Included

1 Custom-sculpted Darth Vader Centerpiece
1 Deployment Zone Tile
4 Team Deployment Tokens
51 Asset Cards
4 Team Base/Summary Cards
15 Custom-sculpted Rebellion Dice
1 Darth Vader Die
1 Death Star Die
30 Alliance Tokens
60 Damage Counters
30 Death Star Operation Counters
1 Death Star Centerpiece Tile
6 Death Star Component Tiles