Back in 1999, when The Phantom Menace kicked off the cinematic prequel trilogy era, gamers of the time couldn’t get enough of Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. Released on PC, Mac, Game Boy Color, DreamCast and the Nintendo 64 console, it was a fast-paced, kinetic blast through 8 pod race tracks across the galaxy, playing off the Boonta Eve podrace scenes from Episode 1.

The Guinness-certified best-selling sci-fi racing game of all time, with worldwide sales of 3.12 million, the game is back and here’s a look at what’s in store for old-school fans and new ones alike:

Features include:

25 playable racers including: Anakin Skywalker, Sebulba, and Ratts Tyerell
Race tracks spanning 8 unique worlds including: Tatooine, Baroonda, and Malastare

Work with pit droids to upgrade your podracer for higher top speeds and acceleration
Discover short-cuts and secrets to master your lap times
Split-screen multiplayer (Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4) and LAN multiplayer (Nintendo Switch)