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Over at StarWars.com, Tyler Westhause looks at the arrival into Star Wars Battlefront II of Genral Grievous, and why that’s a bad thing for defenders of galactic liberty everywhere.

Creating a hero…or villain

When it came time for EA DICE to start working on Grievous, the team began considering all available references for the character, whether it be movies, comics, books, TV series, or any number of Star Wars compendiums. Following the research, developers outlined the core aspects of the character to include in the game.

“Some abilities are iconic and must be in the game, of course,” Guillaume Mroz, hero designer at DICE, tells StarWars.com. “Like Grievous’s sabers spinning during his fight with Obi-Wan.” From here, Mroz created a design document that was shared with both Lucasfilm and his team. Animators, VFX artists, audio designers, and masters of many more specialized crafts were necessary to create the final “hero” product.