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Yes, you read that heading right. His Majesty the King is to write a Star Wars novel.

His Majesty the King, is the pen name for a popular author in China, and they have been selected as the author of the original Chinese language Star Wars novel announced earlier this month.

The world and story of Star Wars has been shaped by plenty of artists, like JJ Abrams, Ron Howard and Jon Favreau. Now you can add a new name to the list: His Majesty the King.

That’s the name used by a Chinese online author tasked with writing a new Star Wars novel just for China. And Tencent’s China Literature, the country’s biggest online publisher, confirmed that the book will be canon.

“His Majesty the King will follow Star Wars’ overall worldview, and if other authors are involved with the history and stories created by His Majesty the King, they will need to follow his settings,” a China Literature spokesperson said.

China Literature is an open publishing platform, and anyone can and start publishing on their online platform.  The first 100 chapters of their literature must be released for free, but after gaining an audience they stand the opportunity to make significant monies from the platform and a contract with China Literature.

His Majesty The King will introduce a new Chinese hero and will “combine native Chinese elements and the narrative style of Chinese literature to tell the story of Star Wars.”