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You can understand local residents in Bristol being a tad confused when looking out of the window and seeing this, a soldier of the Empire walking a dog, but that’s what residents in Bradley Stoke were faced with when they saw this pooch, his trooper and his pooper scooper.

Perhaps the end of the world is a little closer than we thought. Perhaps the Death Star has docked just behind the moon and this Stormtrooper has popped home for a bit of shore leave.

But baffled passers-by have spotted a white West Highland Terrier being taken for its Saturday morning constitutionals – being walked by a Stormtrooper.

Locals have dubbed them ‘Luke Dogwalker’. ‘Pooper-Trooper’, ‘Obi-Wag Kenobi’, and ‘The Empire Strikes Bark’.

Rumours of a snowtrooper riding a horse in Harrogate claiming to be a member of the UKGee-Gees are unsubstantiated.