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The film is locked, the music complete, the VFX almost signed off and the PR tour about to begin and Ron Howard – who must surely be any marketers dream – has taken to social media to give us a few glimpses into the end of the process of making Solo: A Star Wars Story as we hit 52 days before the release of the film.

First off, Ron posted a VERY cool image of him sitting back and staring at the most important 10 words in the galaxy.

Then a VFX shot from the film was posted, explaining that Howard was at Skywalker Ranch working with ILM on the last few shots of the film, possibly a scene that we may see in the final trailer.

The standalone films – apart from Rogue One, which was squeezed from the mind grapes of John Knoll – took their queues from the maker George Lucas, and in just over 6 weeks we will see on screen and in live action stories that have been hinted at and alluded to since the late 70’s and early 80’s. With early projections showing the film opening north of $150 million it’s looking like May will once again be Star Wars month at the cinema.

And remember, Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives on the 41st anniversary of the release if A New Hope. Two great reasons to celebrate.