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Star Wars Icons: Han Solo by Gina McIntyre is heading our way, giving the deepest insight so far into the character and his creation. StarWars.com catch up with author McIntyre to discuss her view on Solo and the book itself.

StarWars.com: There are details and photos in here that I’ve never seen before in my time working at Lucasfilm. With almost every turn of the page, there’s a set photo or concept sketch that you want to just study. A) How did you work with Lucasfilm in acquiring and curating these, and B) As a fan, what would be your reaction as they’d come in? 

Gina McIntyre: Here, I must thank my editor, Chris Prince from Insight Editions, who played such a hands-on role in terms of the curation of the art and imagery that appears throughout the book. He and the team at Lucasfilm worked tirelessly to assemble a truly impressive array of images to illustrate Han’s evolution. The first time I saw all the material put together in the layout, it took me a moment to take it all in. Some of the concept art featured throughout is just breathtaking, and I think it’s impossible not to feel a little wistful looking at some of the behind-the-scenes shots from the original trilogy.