As is the nature of so many elements of film, things can drastically change during the production process. As such, rumours and insight posted during the production stage can often appear on screen looking quite different in the final movie.

On Valentine’s Day last year, we posted this piece here on Fantha Tracks, along with this mock-up by Dave Tree of the Episode IX Millennium Falcon sporting what would be its new radar dish

Not to be left without this critical function for Episode IX, we have been notified from a trusted source that the Millennium Falcon will sport a new style sensor array dish, different to any we have seen before.

The new six sided dish is still in the same location as before, but looks significantly different. A visual mock up based on the information has been created to give Episode IX fans an idea into how this may look.

As we know, that version of the Falcon was never seen onscreen, but yesterday our pal Jayson over at Yakface posted this entry.

Remember, stay tuned to Fantha Tracks for all the latest Star Wars news.

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