Fans of The Force Awakens breakout character Constable Zuvio will be delighted to hear that he is set to be the lead character in the next Star Wars Story episode. Set before the events of Episode 7, the film will be about the hardship of living on the desert world of Jakku, and how Zuvio fought for law against the lawless.

Speaking under the cloak of anonymity, an industry insider explained why Zuvio was the perfect choice to be the focus of the fourth standalone film.

“It’s common knowledge that The Force Awakens made stars of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega and Oscar Isaac, but our detailed market research has shown that far and away the biggest star of Episode 7 was Constable Zuvio.

His 1.5 second cameo whet fans appetite’s for more adventures, plus he was a merchandising phenomenon. Retailers know there’s nothing worse than cold pegs, and Constable Zuvio warms pegs better than any other action figure.

We’re anticipating record box office figures when Zuvio: A Star Wars Story arrives in 2022.”

Zuvio: A Star Wars Story arrives in cinemas worldwide on 30th February 2022.