Event Review: Celebration Chicago: Sisters of The Force panel

One of the more heartfelt panels at Celebration Chicago was Sisters of The Force hosted by Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and the founder of Her Universe.

Ashley brought together an amazing group of panelists who all contributed to Star Wars in one way or another including Amy Ratcliffe, host of the Twin Suns stage and writer of Women of the Galaxy, Athena Portillo, who is the executive producer on Star Wars Resistance and voice actresses, Catherine Taber, who voices Padmé in Star Wars The Clone Wars, Vanessa Marshall, who voices Hera in Star Wars Rebels and Suzie McGrath, who voices Tam in Star Wars Resistance.

Each of the panelists shared personal stories about hardships they or others had or are still having to face and overcome.

Ashley and Catherine Taber both shared stories of young fans who were struggling with major health issues, but are strong and brave despite all that they have suffered.

Athena Portillo shared her story about how she almost did not get the internship with Lucasfilm as a college student because she got lost on her way to the interview.

Amy Ratcliffe shared her story about starting her writing career as a hobby and then being able to take this hobby and turn it into a career.

Suzie McGrath shared her story about being shy as a kid and how this was aggravated by a stutter in her speech.

Vanessa Marshall shared a story about her young friend, Darth Makenna, who has recently been a victim of bullying and has been very depressed as a result.

Each of these stories were heartfelt and brought many tears to the audience, especially me. Words cannot do justice to all that was shared during this amazing panel. Therefore, I encourage you to watch the entire panel above.