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Fantha Trackers really are everywhere Janne Sandin was at the ever popular  Scandinavian Sci-Fi Game and Film Convention in Gothenburg. Here is his report from the convention. Take it away Janne….

The convention took place in Gothenburg on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February from 10.00am to 6.00pm each day where thousands of movie and game interested people attended.

There was an array of activities at the convention which included stalls of merchandise, movie props, movie replicas, games, clothing and people could try out learning how to properly fight with a lightsaber, learn about roman war tactics, have a go at air soft, have their picture taken with the Nordic Garrison.

There were several guests at the convention including:Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen, Back To The Future), Natasha Henstridge (Sil, Species 1 & 2), Steven Ogg (Simon, The Walking Dead and Trevor Philips, GTA), Fred Williamson (Frost, From Dusk til Dawn) and Daniel Naprous (Darth Vader, Rogue One) They all signed autographs, appeared at photo shoots and did on stage Q&As.

I had the privilege to take part, as Darth Vader, during Mr Naprous photo shoots, and we had a great time,he was a true gentleman!

Nordic Garrison (part of the 501st Legion), Nordic Base (part of the Rebel Legion) and R2 Builders participated with 50+ people during the weekend.

We had a photo stand where the audience could have their photo taken with Star Wars characters. Each photo was printed and inserted into a photo folder. The payment they made went towards our charity collection.

I sported my The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader costume, and we managed to collect about £2000 GBP towards the Queen Silvia’s Child and Youth hospital here in Gothenburg.

On both days we had 2 Star Wars parades where all of us got into costume and walked the convention area.
To help us (and straighten us up) we have our wonderful team of supporters who do everything from running our stand to helping people get into costume and keep hydrated. They are the best!!!

These SSGFCs are the highlight for my family since all 4 of us attend (my wife as a Biker Scout) and the kids in various Star Wars and non-Star Wars related costumes. Many of the members in the organisations only meet during this event so it’s like a huge family coming together.

The SSGFC is held 4 times per year in Sweden in Gothenburg, Malmo, Helsingborg and Stockholm.

Next up is Malmo in the end of March. If you’re in the area, get a ticket and come along.