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Most Star Wars fans will spend a considerable amount of money during their life on different things related to the films. From merchandise to watching the movies several times, and then buying DVDs or streaming services, it isn’t cheap being a fan of the most iconic movie franchise ever.

However, many fans are unaware that it is also possible to make money off Star Wars. Yes, you can sell off your vintage collectables for a reasonable price now, but an easier option is to bet on the films as and when they are released. With Disney owning the franchise, we have been lucky enough to get more movies and TV series now. As a result, we can be sure that the Star Wars universe will only continue to grow over time.

Pick a Bookie

The most important aspect of betting on anything related to Star Wars is to make sure that you go with a licensed bookie. Since this is a niche betting option, not all bookmakers will have odds available. This also means that at times some of the illegal online betting sites will try and cash in on the popularity of the films. However, top bookmakers do feature TV shows and movie options and thus choose one that is known in the industry. Also, it is worth noting that bookies offer welcome promotions to all their new customers, irrespective of what they are betting on. So, make the most of these offers and get a head start on your profits.

Know the Difference

Whether you are a newbie or professional gambler, it is an excellent idea to first understand the difference between regular betting on sports, for example, and that on entertainment options. With sports betting, you can head down to Vegas and stay at one of their hotels that is also a sportsbook and play to your heart’s content while watching a live game. Plus, the odds are based on previous performances of players and teams. In the case of movies, a lot depends on chance as nothing is for sure until the time the film releases. More often than not, the odds are based on gossip and little bits of information that leaks during production.

Spread Your Bets

Now, whether you are staying and betting in Vegas or through an online portal, it helps to spread your bets across different possibilities. Some of the most loved betting options include possible cameos in Star Wars, the title of the film, essential aspects of the plot, or if a character will die during the movie. The magic of Star Wars is in its multiple and intricate plot lines which enables a punter to set wagers on several opportunities, thus increasing the chances of making higher profits.

Wager in Advance

The trick to scoring it big with Star Wars betting is to pick the odds well in advance. Like we mentioned earlier, most of the information about the films trickle in through news and gossip over time. So, once there is a mention of a possible cameo, for example, the odds change drastically. If you pick your odds much before the movie trailers or cast interviews, you have a better chance of earning a lot more than betting closer to the release date of the movie.