His galactic reputation may have been tarnished in the years since we first met him in The Empire Strikes Back as his past is revealed in the prequel trilogy and The Clone Wars, but the wisdom of Master Yoda is held in nothing but high regard by Cavan Scott and the authors of The High Republic, as he explains in a new interview.

“I mean when Yoda talks about life, you know, the Force being a force through nature through the trees, the rocks, the everything – that’s still exactly how the Jedi view the Force. It’s it’s not so much that it hasn’t become like the doctrine of The Order, it’s more the fact that, again, different people are interpreting their way to tap into the Force in a different way. But yeah, it’s still this the idea that the Force is through everything and it’s the energy field that… binds everything together within the galaxy and is where a Jedi gets his/her power from, by tapping into that.”

“So yeah, there has been there’s been a lot of discussion about Yoda online and Yoda’s part and The High Republic and the sense that Yoda is somehow to blame for what’s happened. But I don’t think we’ve ever said that. And I don’t think we ever would because that’s not what we believe. And we spend a lot of time talking about Yoda. Yoda has cast a very long shadow for such a small being, and every time Yoda’s in a scene he’s the most important person in that scene. So we’ve been very careful how we treated Yoda and tried very much to treat him with respect.”

“[Yoda] is in a slightly different position in the High Republic. He is on the council, but has decided to take a bit of sabbatical from that and is teaching Padawans, which is what we know he loves doing. So there is also a sense that when Yoda isn’t there the rest of the Jedi – our Jedi we’ve created – are going, ‘I wish Yoda was here,’ because they all still look to him and there’s a familiarity with them and Yoda because he’s their peer in a lot of ways, but he’s still also a master. He’s more trained in some way or another than most of these people, because let’s face it: even though he’s in High Republic, and we keep talking about ‘Young Yoda,’ he’s still quite old and he’s been around for a very long time.”


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