Daisy Ridley looks at her impact on the internet

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As The Rise of Skywalker approaches, WIRED catch up with Daisy Ridley and show her the most popular Daisy Ridley moments on the internet, and some will surprise you as much as they surprise her.

What kind of impact has “Ophelia” star Daisy Ridley had on the internet? WIRED combs the web for data about Daisy Ridley and presents all the information to her. What happens when you Google her name? What’s the first picture of Daisy to appear on Getty Images? What’s her most popular video on YouTube?

Light Saber video by Michelle C. Smith:
Instagram: instagram.com/michelle.c.smith
Youtube: youtube.com/michellechristasmith

“Ophelia” is now in theaters and available on VOD and Digital.