Interviewed recently on Collider Connected, Jason Isaacs once again touched upon a potential return for the Grand Inquisitor, his anmated character from the first season of Star Wars: Rebels, and the franchise king reiterated his willingness to make the shift from animated to live action, touching upon comments made a few months ago.

“I’m open to anything. It’s always about the script. I don’t want to just turn up so that I can take some photographs and go to conventions. I’d like to play parts. The Inquisitor was a great part when I played it and if the Inquisitor was a great part again, I’d be up for it. I’m not sure I’ve got the patience of Doug Jones who plays Saru in Discovery, who was the creature in The Shape of Water and stuff. I don’t now how many hours I’d like to spend in prosthetics. But yeah, Katee had a very good time. I know Katee and I’ll say, I’ve loved being part of the Star Wars world. They’ve invited me in although I’ve only ever been an animated character before.”

A return for the Grand Inquisitor would certainly grab the attention of the fandom, especially those keen to see further adventures from the Rebels crew in whatever era.


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