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Our friend Steve Galloway over at Jedi News has snagged another cool interview with one of the busiest and most in demand writers in Star Wars today, Cavan Scott.

‘Time of Death’ covers the ‘rebirth’ of Obi-Wan into the force after he is struck down by Darth Vader on the Death Star. I think you landed one of the most high-profile storylines covered in the book. How did you go about writing your short story?

I wish I had some great secret to impart here, but in all honesty, it was something of a flow of consciousness, which considering the subject matter is probably appropriate. I knew where I was going with it, and which points I had pitched to Elizabeth, but I had no idea how it would all fit together. Luckily it flowed quite easily, the first draft written in one mammoth writing session fuelled by coffee and John Williams soundtracks. I do remember the draft needed A LOT of work before I could submit it though.