The team at FanFestNews have caught up with one of the most prolific voice over artists in the business today (and someone we’re all very fond of) Vanessa Marshall, as she talks about her work in Star Wars Rebels.

SH: In the final season of Rebels, Season 4, we saw Hera in a romantic relationship with her longtime friend, Kanan. Were you rooting for this to happen with these characters, or did you not really have any strong feelings about it?

VM: I was rooting for it to happen, but I also understood that they were in such dire consequences that it almost seemed like a romance of any kind would be almost selfish or silly, given the amount of lives that they were trying to save within the story. So I’m kind of glad that even in spite of that, they were able to connect. Maybe they had been connecting all along. It wasn’t visible to us, as fans, but I was really happy that we were able to witness them really expressing their affection for one another. I’m glad that it happened.

Check out the full interview as she discusses Rebels, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.