We continue our look back to interviews conducted in years past by members of the Fantha Tracks team, and our 2012 interview with Swedish professional golfer and PGA Tour winner Daniel Chopra.

MN – Daniel, welcome.

DC – Thank you. I always knew the “FORCE” would make this happen!

MN – You travel the world playing golf, a game that requires concentration, rythym and dedication. And we’ve learned that you are also a Star Wars fan. What is it about Star Wars that made you a fan?

DC – I have always had an active imagination and a fascination with space and technology, so Star Wars was the perfect movies for me.

MN – When did you first see Star Wars?

DC – Episode IV – A New Hope in 1986 in India where I grew up.

MN – What Star Wars toys did you have as a child?

DC – There was not much in the way of movie prop toys available in India in those days, however, I always wanted and to this day still am searching for a X-Wing fighter, in the 2-3 foot size range, not one of the mini display toys, something like what they might have used in the filming.

MN – Growing up in Sweden your Star Wars experience would naturally be different to ours here in the UK and the USA. How did you show your fandom for Star Wars as a kid?

DC – I watched the movies over and over, on video, I never knew that episode I, II, and III were never shot and it frustrated me to no end that I could not find them anywhere. Not much internet back in the 80’s.

MN – Which is your favourite Star Wars movie? Can we take a guess (while making a bad golfing pun) and say Episode FOUR!

DC – For the story, yes, but being a true fan I loved Episode- I The Phantom Menace. Darth Maul was the coolest villain and to see all the back story of the characters and how it all meshed together was very clever.

MN – Do you find inspiration in any of the characters from the films? Master Yoda and his patience and wisdom must be an inspiration during tricky moments on the golf course?

DC – Yes, I am convinced that if I could have the mental discipline of a Jedi Knight, I would be one of the best golfers in the world, it is something I strive for, “Do or do not, there is no try!” is my favorite inspirational line in all movies!

MN – Do you know of any other golfers who share your love of Star Wars?

DC – Not really, but I do have a few guys on tour that like to talk to me about it on the golf course when we are in the same group.

MN – You made two holes in one at Pebble Beach, and were photographed using your Star Wars club guards. Do you think the Force has a hand in helping guide them into the hole?

DC – Good things happen when you let your mind go, just let things happen!

MN – Have you ever had the chance to visit any Star Wars conventions around the world?

DC – Never had the chance, I would love to go if the opportunity ever arose.

MN – You have Darth Vader and Yoda as your club head guards. Which other characters would you have if you decided to have more?

DC – I also have a Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and R2-D2 head covers.

MN – Thanks for being our guest, we really appreciate it.

DC – Thank you for asking me, I now feel that I am a part of the Star Wars universe!

Many thanks to Patrick Feizal Joyce of World Sport Group for arranging the interview. Interview altered for length and clarity from original version.

Interview originally posted at JediNews.co.uk.