Huw at Brickset brings news of some great deals at Aldi, specifically the 75161 TIE Striker from last years Rogue One that you can grab for £5.99.

If you’ve ever been in an Aldi store you’ll know they sell a load of random stuff that changes every couple of weeks. Tomorrow’s offerings include a number of LEGO sets that will all be priced at £5.99, reduced from £8.99 or £9.99:

Matt Booker
Matt brings decades of retail and fandom experience to Fantha Tracks. After a number of years at Cool Toy Review and The Private Universe, numerous trips across the Atlantic to US conventions and dozens of others in the UK and Europe as well as his knowledge of Star Wars (specifically Boba fett) and the wider world of comics and sci-fi he is invaluable to the team.