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There are an increasing amount of people entering Galaxy’s Edge and walking around the freshly-minted site, and items from the park are now hitting ebay for ridiculous prices, including items that are free to pick up.

Forbes take a look at the situation.

Items already posted for sale on sites such as eBay range from free maps that are handed out to guests on their arrival at the theme park to items freely available in the theme park and limited edition items from the grand opening media event on Wednesday, May 29, 2019.

Some of the items that are set to go for the highest prices are the most exclusive items, such as those given out to media and invited guests during press previews. It’s worth noting that some of these items are being sold to raise money for charity.

The branded canvas backpacks contain a range of items including a grand opening ‘Key To The Galaxy’ Millennium Falcon plaque, baseball cap, light up power charger, t-shirt, D23 Magazine Star Wars issue, unreleased Star Wars books, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Marvel Comic and a water bottle. Some include additional items added by sellers. These are, with time still to run on the auctions, expecting to sell for over $900 – the lowest bids on similar items are around the $663 mark but will surely increase.