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It’s time to join that most awesome of man servants, Al, for the latest R2-KT patch news.

This year, with a twist! KT joins Chewie and a new kid on the block to celebrate friendship for Star Wars Day! Reviewed by the Wookiee himself, Peter and Angie Mayhew love this design by popular Star Wars and Disney artist Darrin Brege. It even features the Wookiee the Pooh face Darrin made famous among fans.

As KT Subscribers, just let us know how many of these patches you’d like to claim from your current KT Subscription. We will reserve them for you before any paid orders and ship them when they are complete from the embroiderer. Please feel free to email us to ask how many items you have left in your current KT Subscription. And remember you can always re-subscribe any time. It’s only $50 for existing KT Subscribers, which means you save even more.

If ordering normally:
* All proceeds go to the Peter Mayhew Foundation.
* $7 each plus $1 shipping for every five ordered ($2 outside the U.S.)
* $5 each for orders of ten or more.
* PayPal to r2kt@r2kt.com as Goods & Services and please list what item(s) you are ordering
* 2 ½”x4 ½” rectangle on blue twill fabric background with pink outer border
* taking orders til May 15 ; ships in mid May

Looking forward to seeing Peter and Angie hoisting up a check from KT.
And look for KT to appear at the Star Wars Day festivities this year in Singapore!

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May the Fourth be with you!